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Our Core Values

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization. It is a guideline for the staff and management in practicing positive values. This includes environmental awareness and applying the Green Hotel practices. Such values determine that the company is on the right path in fulfilling their business goals while ensuring employees enjoy the benefits.

  • Honesty ~ in carrying out duties

    Ethics ~ upholding Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)

    Fairness ~ ensuring employment stability

    Unity ~ in ensuring the company success

  • Dedication ~ to Training

    Aware ~ self growth in knowledge

    Allegiance ~ staff to Company

    Obligation ~ company to ensure overall quality for employees

  • Sympathy ~ caring for all

    Empathy ~ personal loans

    Sensitivity ~ compassionate leave

    Solicitude ~ insurance coverage / medical care

  • Incentive ~ salary increment

    Enthusiasm ~ bonus / green rewards

    Initiative ~ multi-skill / service plus

    Interest ~ internal promotion / employee achievement award

  • Devotion ~ to ensure business for company

    Desire ~ committed to duties

    Need ~ love what you do

    Want ~ rewards for work well done

  • Respect

    Regard ~ respect the environment

    Honour ~ respect yourself and your colleague

    Courteous ~ respect your guests

    Deference ~ respect your company


    Confidence ~ trust in yourself and others

    Faith ~ that all duties are done well

    Certainty ~ that company takes care of employees

    Assurance ~ duties done well are rewarded