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The award-winning Spa "Traditional Signature Treatment" is now available.

The award-winning Jari Jari Spa, Borneo's first and most respected traditional spa, is looking forward to sharing the traditions and wisdom passed down through the generations by offering a completely new experience with relaxing and rejuvenating therapies that are distinctively Bornean.

Their indigenous therapists, whose training includes modern spa techniques and sensitivity towards other cultures, work with the finest local products.

Furthermore, they bring a secret element to Jari Jari's Borneo Massage. Accustomed to dealing with international clientele, our therapists are genuinely warm with empathetic, a distinctive element of their own culture. This ensures that their massage comes not just from the hands but also from the heart.

This collaborations further validate the product development strength and capability of The Palace Hotel as we continue to advance our best services to our guests.